This series covers the accessories and details regarding the Sonesse 40 (RTS & Wired), Altus 40 RTS and LS 40 Wired motors. It contains all the necessary technical data to purchase, manufacture and offer the full selection of Somfy's 40 mm motors.

LS40 RTS 3-Wire Motors

Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) 3-wire motor technology allows wireless radio control of motorized window coverings via the RTS family of controls. RTS includes the Atus and the Sonesse variations. Somfy LS40 RTS Altus 3-wire 120v motors offer a torque rating of 4nm 36" lbs. or 9Nm 79"lbs. and a motor speed of 18-36 RPM. Alternatively, the Sonesse 40 motor technology provides aesthetic appeal and precision but with an ultra-quiet process.


400 Series Databook

Altus 40 RTS Spec Sheet

RTS Pocket Programming Guide

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