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The Somfy 400 series documents cover the accessories and details regarding the Sonesse 40 RTS and Sonesse 40 Wired motors. The Sonesse 40 RTS motors can be plugged into a standard wall outlet for which allows wireless radio control of your motorized window treatment. Sonesse 40 Standard motors can be wired directly to a Somfy Maintained or Momentary wall switch. The Sonesse 40 motors offer a complete range of torques 35-79 in. lbs. and variable motor speed 14-36 RPM for all your Retractable Awnings, Rolling Shutters, Roller Shades, interior and exterior sunscreen product applications

Somfy Sonesse LS40 RTS 3-Wire Motors

Somfy Sonesse LS40 RTS 3-Wire Motors leverage Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) for seamless wireless control of window coverings using RTS controls, including Atus and Sonesse variations. The LS40 RTS Altus motors, with options for 4nm (36" lbs.) or 9Nm (79" lbs.) torque and speeds ranging from 18-36 RPM, cater to diverse needs. On the other hand, the Sonesse 40 motors combine style and precision, offering an exceptionally quiet operation. This technology enables effortless integration and control of motorized blinds and shades, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic enhancement for any space.