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Somfy ZigBee

Somfy Zigbee 3.0 mesh network creates an ecosystem that works seamlessly together, bridging connections with Somfy's Zigbee Motors - Zigbee accessories to be a compatible solution with third party apps easing the integration process and increasing comfort for end users. Somfy is a proud member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, an organization devoted to developing, certifying, and promoting IoT (Internet of Things) technology standards, including Zigbee. Somfy Zigbee 3.0 protocol is an interoperable, globally adopted and secure IoT solution used to connect smart home devices to a consistent network and language.


Somfy low voltage is an energy-efficient motorization system for window treatments. It uses a low voltage transformer, and external or internal batteries, making it safer and more cost-effective than traditional high voltage systems. With Somfy low voltage, you can easily control your window coverings while saving money on your energy bills.

Sonesse Ultra
12v Motors

Sonesse Ultra
WireFree Li-Ion Motors

Sonesse Ultra
24v Motors


The Somfy 400 series documents cover the accessories and details regarding the Sonesse 40 RTS and Sonesse 40 Wired motors. The Sonesse 40 RTS motors can be plugged into a standard wall outlet for which allows wireless radio control of your motorized window treatment. Sonesse 40 Standard motors can be wired directly to a Somfy Maintained or Momentary wall switch. The Sonesse 40 motors offer a complete range of torques 35-79 in. lbs. and variable motor speed 14-36 RPM for all your Retractable Awnings, Rolling Shutters, Roller Shades, interior and exterior sunscreen product applications

Sonesse 40 Standard
4-Wire Motors

Sonesse 40 Ultra
WireFree Motors

Sonesse 40 RTS
3-Wire Motors


This series provides the necessary technical information about Somfy's full array of 50mm motors, including the Sonesse® ULTRA 50 RA, Sonesse® 50 RA, Sonesse® 50 PA & PS, Sonesse® ULTRA 50 RTS, Sonesse® ULTRA 50 DC RTS, Sonesse® 50 RTS, Sonesse® ULTRA 50 RS485, Sonesse® ULTRA 50 DC RS485, and Sonesse® 50 RS485, along with their accessories and features.

LT50 Standard
4-Wire Motors

RS485 (SDN)

3-Wire Motors

IP Motors
(Sonesse 30 PoE)


This series includes accessories and specifications related to the LT 60 Altus RTS, LT 60 Standard, and LT CMO Standard motors. It provides the technical information needed to order, fabricate, and sell the complete range of Somfy’s 60 mm motors.

LT60 Standard
4-Wire Motors

3-Wire Motors


Somfy Glydea Ultra 35 & 60 Motors support up to 132 lbs of curtain weight and provide simple installation, quiet operation, and flexible control options. Compatible with Somfy remotes, wall switches, timers, and sensors, as well as third-party home automation systems. Available for Pinch Pleat and Ripplefold. 5-year warranty.

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