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This series provides the necessary technical information about Somfy's full array of 50mm motors, including the Sonesse ULTRA 50 RA, Sonesse 50 RA, Sonesse 50 PA & PS, Sonesse ULTRA 50 RTS, Sonesse ULTRA 50 DC RTS, Sonesse 50 RTS, Sonesse ULTRA 50 RS485, Sonesse ULTRA 50 DC RS485, and Sonesse 50 RS485, along with their accessories and features.

Somfy Sonesse 50 RS485 (SDN)

Somfy Sonesse 50 RS485 Motors are 120 Volt AC tubular motor featuring a star head configuration with torque ranging from 52"- 88" lbs and speed 32 RPM. This motor can be plugged into a standard wall outlet or in-wall wired. Offers intelligent two-way communication via the industry standard RS485. This provides compatibility with the Somfy Digital Network (SDN) and also easily integrates with third party control systems.