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This series provides the necessary technical information about Somfy's full array of 50mm motors, including the Sonesse® ULTRA 50 RA, Sonesse® 50 RA, Sonesse® 50 PA & PS, Sonesse® ULTRA 50 RTS, Sonesse® ULTRA 50 DC RTS, Sonesse® 50 RTS, Sonesse® ULTRA 50 RS485, Sonesse® ULTRA 50 DC RS485, and Sonesse® 50 RS485, along with their accessories and features.

Somfy LT50 Standard 4-Wire Motors

Somfy LT50 Standard 4-wire motors offer a complete range of torques 35-440 in. lbs. and motor speed 14-38 RPM for driving the majority of rolling shutters, roller shades, interior and exterior sunscreen products. Compatible with Somfy's line of RTS controls and sensors when motor is used in conjunction with a Universal RTS Receiver.